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// Driver out, computer in

The 2016/17 season is the first season in which vehicles without a driver are on the starting line. The EDGE8 Driverless was developed and constructed precisely for this purpose. The focus of the development was the ability of autonomous operation, which is why the design has remained identical with a few exceptions. The big innovations in the EDGE8 Driverless are the attached speed sensors, cameras and the new laser sensor. In cooperation with our new high-performance computer, the new equipment ensures that surroundings are recognized. As a result, our EDGE8 is now able to maneuver itself through unknown terrain.

Total weight: kg

0-km / h in s

Power kW

technical overview
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  • TUWR E3 (developed in-house)

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • Magnets in a Halbach array

  • 40kW at 3.55kg

  • max. 16,000 rpm


  • 2-stage spur-planetary gear

  • Gear ratio 11.88: 1

  • Wheel hub motors

  • Aluminum wheel hubs

landing gear

  • Wheelbase: 1575mm

  • Track width 1200mm / 1160mm

  • Wishbones, rods and rims made of CFRP


  • HV and LV battery pack with LiPo cells

  • Adaptation of the battery pack to the expected speeds in autonomous operation

  • New rail system

  • Newly developed CAN sensor nodes (improved signal integrity and reduced noise sensitivity)

  • Live LTE telemetry

  • Traction Control, Launch Control, Torque Vectoring

  • Adapted instrument panel


  • Adapted carbon monocoque with aluminum honeycomb and core materials such as Rohacell

  • Carbon bodywork and weight-optimized crash box

  • Ergonomically adjustable pedals

  • Adapted steering strut with integrated stepper motor

  • Carbon steering wheel

  • Adapted aeropackage to reduce movements at high speeds

Driverless components

  • Software architecture based on ROS (Robot Operating System)

  • Tracking distance: about 25m

  • Use of SLAM algorithms to map the route

  • Distributed system via CAN bus

  • Adding a CAN network for driverless safety components

  • Actuators: stepper motor on the steering shaft, linear drive in the pedals

  • Integrated emergency braking system via pressure accumulator

  • LiDAR, stereo camera, optical speed sensor

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