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Newsflash April

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans!

We are back with a new update from the production period of EDGE15.


As every year, a new wiring harness was also manufactured this year. This serves as a connecting element between our electronic components and supplies them with power and/or signals. Thanks to careful planning, we were able to save a number of cables and connectors during the design phase, reducing weight and production time, among other things. Production of the harness began at the end of March 2024, with the cables already cut to length first being twisted by hand. A special twisting technique was used to ensure optimum signal transmission and cable flexibility.

The finished twisted harness was then covered with a flexible shrink sleeve to protect the cables on the one hand and seal them off from the outside on the other.

Production of our electric motors

One of the assemblies that we not only develop entirely in-house, but also manufacture to a large extent internally, is our electric motor. This permanent magnet synchronous machine is characterized by a significantly higher power density than comparable products on the market. This was achieved by means of an optimization tool chain, also developed in-house, whose input was individually tailored to the needs of our Formula-Student-Team.

The TUWR E7 is the seventh iteration of TU Wien Racing's electric motors and the second to be designed for all-wheel drive. Compared to the previous version, the special features of this machine are a further increase in maximum power and power density, a completely revised cooling concept and a focus on maintainability and durability.


We are exhibiting! On April 23 and 24, 2024, we will be exhibiting at the 14th EL-MOTION in the Vienna factory halls. Austria's largest specialist congress on the topics of zero emissions, drives and electric fleet and commercial vehicles opens its doors. In addition to over 30 discussions, specialist presentations and keynotes, as well as various exhibitions, TU Wien Racing will also be represented. Visit us at EL-MOTION 2024, tickets at We look forward to seeing you!

Vienna University of Technology

Since the founding of TU Wien Racing, we have proudly carried our alma mater in our name. The innovative spirit that brought the project to life 17 years ago is all the more noticeable today. Under the motto "Technology for People", more than 4,000 scientists conduct research at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria's largest research and educational institution in the field of technology and natural sciences, training more than 26,000 future technicians. From the embedding of our project in teaching to the provision of essential research infrastructure and integration into the TUW community, TU Wien provides the perfect foundation for a successful Formula Student team.

We are therefore very pleased to be able to continue to represent the Vienna University of Technology internationally and would like to thank you very much for your support!

Until then!

Your TU Wien Racing 



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