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Newsflash March 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans!

We are back with a new update from the production period of EDGE13.


15 years TU Vienna Racing! On March 30, TU Wien Racing celebrated its 15th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the two founders Michael Schwaiger and Michael Dallinger-Zach invited the team to an anniversary interview and took a joint journey through time from the past to the future. How would you describe TU Wien Racing in 3 words? Michael Schwaiger: "A great team." What do you say about the development of your original idea? Michael Schwaiger: "I'm impressed by the current state of the art and the great leap in technology." Michael Dallinger-Zach: "I am also very impressed!" If this made you curious, the interview is available in full on our Youtube channel. Scan the QR code and watch the interview!

We tackle it together March not only marked the beginning of the 2022 summer semester but also the start of laminating the monocoque. Despite a stressful start of the semester, our hard working members spend almost every minute of their free time in the workshop to collaboratively laminate the monocoque for the EDGE13. Mornings in class and afternoons in the workshop laminating late into the evening. We are one! - Forty-One!

Training to work on high voltage systems in Formula Student cars

Daily work on electrical (high voltage) components of an electrical formula student car requires a high level of awareness towards the dangers of such an environment. Thus, training lessons with a subsequent certification exam were held by Dirk Sasson and Eugen Hoffelner at our workshop. We were also happy to host members of all Austrian Formula Student teams. After some instructive days the freshly educated team members are looking forward to their new responsibilities and skills when working with high voltage systems!


MAGNA is already ubiquitous in the automotive industry and we are pleased to welcome the company again this year.

In addition to its generous financial support, the company also provides us with priceless technical know-how. This means that our members can get advice from the experts at any time during the planning and design phase.

We would like to thank them wholeheartedly for this and hope for many more years together!

Until then!

Your TU Wien Racing



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