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// The first heart from in-house development

With the EDGE10 we can look back on a decade of student racing. Further developments in aerodynamics, such as the active front wing connection or the newly developed rear wing, have achieved the best downforce values since the beginning.
However, the main focus this season has been on electrical engineering. The entire low voltage system is now more reliable and easier to maintain. The battery has become safer and now delivers 530V. This is made possible by our self-developed inverter, which was used for the first time this year.

Total weight: 172kg

0-100km / h in 3.1s

Power: 80kW

technical overview
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  • TUWR E3 (developed in-house)

  • Permanently excited synchromotor

  • Magnets in a Halbach array

  • 40kW at 3.55kg

  • Max. 20,000 rpm


  • self-developed HV battery pack

  • TUWR-I2 inverter

  • Decentralized tax system

  • CAN sensor node

  • Live LTE telemetry

  • Cable harness <2kg


  • 2-stage spur-planetary gear

  • Gear ratio 12.3: 1

  • Wheel hub motors

  • Anodized wheel hubs made of EN-AW-7075 aluminum

  • Torque: 380Nm per rear wheel
    2WD: one motor per rear wheel


  • One-piece carbon monocoque with integrated front hoop made of aluminum

  • Carbon bodywork and crash box

  • Ergonomically adjustable pedals

  • CFRP steering strut

  • Carbon steering wheel

  • Aeropackage with integrated battery cooling

landing gear

  • Wheelbase: 1575mm

  • Track width 1200mm / 1160mm

  • Wishbones, rods and rims made of CFRP

  • one-piece carbon rims with hollow spokes, total weight 850g

  • Wheel carrier: two-shell glued from EN-AW-7075 aluminum with integrated planetary gear on the rear axle

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