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// Continuous optimization

The EDGE12 is the EVO model of its predecessor and scores with improvements in all areas. The mechanical geometry of the vehicle has been retained, but all components have been weight-optimized, thus reducing the total weight by 12kg. The aerodynamics have also been revised with new geometries and now offers more contact pressure for even faster cornering. In the electronics, all components are modular in order to increase maintenance and to maximize test time.


The successful concept of the previous year was taken over and equipped with some features. Attention was not only paid to better performance, but also to better maintainability. Among other things, we can look forward to live telemetry, which allows us to evaluate test data in real time and thus save us valuable time. All electronic components are installed in the vehicle using the QuickKlick system developed in-house and can be easily exchanged using intelligently positioned connectors. The optimized cooling system is not only a lot lighter, but also much more user-friendly. The whole thing is rounded off by a new vehicle control for even faster lap times.

Total weight: 155kg

0-100km / h in 2.9s

Power: 80kW

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