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In contrast to its predecessor, the EDGE13 brought major changes as our 8th electric car. Due to the extended preparation time thanks to the pandemic and the switch to all-wheel drive, the overall concept could be completely revised. This led to opportunities for a new design in all modules in order to develop optimal performance in all areas.

The general packaging was especially adapted to the aerodynamics and suspension, and a lot of time was invested to ensure that all components were optimally matched to each other. In the electronics area, the proven concepts of last year were used and improvements were introduced. For the new wiring harness, concentric twisted technology was used, which allowed a tighter bending radius of the cables. With newly designed electric motors of the already 6th generation and a completely new planetary gearbox, the entire drivetrain disappeared into the new rim.

Further progress was made by the team's participation in the Driverless competition discipline. The module focused on initial practical experience, particularly in the areas of acceleration and skidpad.

Total weight: 

0-100km/h in 2.8s


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