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// FK Monocoque, Aeropackage and 10 "- a radical change

For the 2013 season, a one-piece carbon fiber monocoque was used for the first time - a lightweight at 25kg! A lighter chassis was implemented by switching to 10 ”rims. A further 10kg saving was achieved on the engine thanks to the new vacuum concept. Despite its aerodynamics, “Sisi”, as the EDGE5 is affectionately known internally, weighs just 175kg.

Total weight: 175kg

0-100 km / h in 3.5s

Power: 63PS

technical overview
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  • KTM LC4 690 Evo

  • Modified crank mechanism

  • Cubic capacity 609ccm


  • CFD simulated suction system

  General ​​

  • max.speed: 160km / h

  • Torque: 60Nm

landing gear

  • Wheelbase: 1575mm

  • Track width 1200mm / 1160mm

  • Öhlins TTX25 damper

  • Two-part glued aluminum wheel carrier

  • Carbon fiber wishbones (wing profile)

  • self-developed 10 "CFRP rims


  • Chain drive

  • Drexler lamellar limited slip differential

  • Electro-pneumatic switching system

  • Fully integrated tripods

  • Aluminum wheel hubs

  • Auto upshift


  • CAN 2.0a data bus

  • CFRP steering wheel with transflected LCD display

  • Live WiFi telemetry

  • Power supply via LiPo cells

  • Traction control

  • Launch control


  • Carbon full monocoque

  • FEM simulated

  • CFRP bodywork

  • Aeropackage

  • open wheel

  • open cockpit

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