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The EDGE9 - our fourth electric car - is based on the concepts of its predecessor, with the difference that weaknesses have been eliminated and strengths have been further expanded. This season, a lot of attention was paid to improving the aerodynamics and cooling our battery pack, with the latter being implemented through new side cooling inlets. By optimizing our flaps and adding venturi tunnels to the side, driving stability at higher speeds has been improved. Since we were able to achieve a weight saving again this year compared to the previous year, we were able to improve our top speed again.

Total weight: 142kg

0-100km / h in 3.1s

Power: 80kW

technical overview
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landing gear

  • Wheelbase: 1575mm

  • Track width 1200mm / 1160mm

  • Wishbones, rods and rims made of CFRP

  • one-piece carbon rims with hollow spokes, total weight 850g

  • Wheel carrier: two-shell glued from EN-AW-7075 aluminum with integrated planetary gear on the rear axle


  • HV and LV battery pack with LiPo cells

  • TUWR-I1 inverter (first developed in-house)

  • Decentralized tax system

  • CAN sensor node

  • Live LTE telemetry

  • Traction Control, Launch Control, Torque Vectoring

  • Ultra-bright 4.3-inch display (instrument panel)


  • 2-stage spur-planetary gear

  • Gear ratio 12.5: 1

  • Wheel hub motors

  • Anodized wheel hubs made of EN-AW-7075 aluminum

  • Torque: 376Nm per rear wheel
    2WD: one motor per rear wheel


  • One-piece carbon monocoque with integrated front hoop made of aluminum

  • Carbon bodywork and crash box

  • Ergonomically adjustable pedals

  • CFRP steering strut

  • Carbon steering wheel

  • Aeropackage with integrated battery cooling


  • TUWR E3 (developed in-house)

  • Permanently excited synchromotor

  • Magnets in a Halbach array

  • 40kW at 3.55kg

  • 16,000 rpm max

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