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Newsflash June 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans! We are back with a new update from the production period of the/our EDGE13.


Final production and first drive of the EDGE13

It takes a lot to build a car and even more to build a high-tech racer like the EDGE13! With the upcoming event season in mind, all members worked hard again in June to finish the last parts and finally install everything in the car. A very exciting time for our team! Every day you could see the EDGE13 getting bigger by one front wing, wider by one wishbone or heavier by one wiring harness. After months of hard teamwork, there is hardly a more emotional moment than when all the parts work together for the first time and the car actually drives. So many hours of work, so much heart and soul and so many lessons learned came together in that one second to remind us why we do all this: For the love of the car and motorsport.

Rollout 2022

On June 27th, the time had finally come and we were able to present the EDGE13 to sponsors, alumni, families and friends of the team at this year's Rollout event. With exciting interviews with, among others, our team founders and a deep insight into the current season, the almost 200 guests experienced a unique show that culminated in the unveiling of the EDGE13. We would like to thank everyone who shared this moment with us and also everyone who made this event possible.

Wiener Elektrotage

After a long announcement, the time had finally come! For five days, we were able to present our team and our car at this great festival for electric mobility at the Rathausplatz. Many of the more than 110,000 visitors stopped by to get an insight into the world of Formula Student. A great opportunity for us to find new supporters and members! We would like to thank Porsche Media & Creative again for this great opportunity! TTTech Auto

As one of the leading providers of safe, networked computer platforms, the TTTech Group has been offering solutions for the aerospace and industrial sectors and the challenges of future vehicle generations in the automotive sector for over 20 years. TTTech Auto enables safe highly automated driving through real-time orchestration of vehicle functions with its production-proven MotionWise software vehicle platform. MotionWise also includes tools that help vehicle manufacturers reduce development complexity and time.

TU Wien Racing and TTTech Auto are not only united by their common drive for new technologies. Both have their roots in the Vienna University of Technology, from which the TTTech Group was founded as a spin-off in 1998. So we also share a piece of our genesis. Therefore on our way to our own autonomous driving car, we couldn't have better support than TTTech Auto and are very grateful that they are supporting us as a Platinum Sponsor already in the second season. We look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Until then! Your TU Wien Racing



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