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Newsflash November

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans!

We are back with a new update from the development period of EDGE15.

Newbie kickoff 2023

After our recruiting phase, in which we welcomed almost 50 new members, we continued with the three-week onboarding phase. During this phase, the newbies from TU Wien Racing were given the chance to spend a little time in the various modules to get to know them all. As part of this, we organized a module day where each module was able to present itself and its work over the span of the year. After these full and informative weeks, it is now time for the new team members to choose a module and bring them up to speed with our development.

EDGE15 concept review

In addition to the onboarding phase, we simultaneously continued to work on our concept for our new car, the EDGE15. On October 20, the time had come and the first version of the new concept was presented by the technical module leaders to the rest of the members and TU Wien Racing Alumni. The purpose of this evening was not only to present the concept, but also to revise it. Thanks to the teamwork of the members and alumni, we were able to check all ideas again for their functionality and usefulness.

Alumni race

Towards the end of October, TU Wien Racing also organized the annual alumni race. For this, a track was set up at the test site in Sankt Marx, where members of the previous season and alumni of the EDGE13 season were able to test the EDGE14's skills. These eventful three days were a highlight for the entire team.

Laminating training

For all new and old members, our composites module once again offered laminating training at the start of the season. In three hours, the theory behind carbon and laminating was first explained, which the participants were then able to put into practice straight away. Molds, such as those of the wishbone, were provided for initial practice. The participants were then able to try out for themselves how the carbon joins and sticks together. Our Chassis and Composites modules can therefore count on a great deal of support in the coming season.


After a short break from showing the car off in multiple locations, we were able to present our team and our EDGE14 to a wide audience three times at the beginning of November. It started on November 8th with the Teconomy at the TU Freihaus. Just two days later, we were at the Mastermesse in the Austria Center in Vienna to make interested parties aware of us. At the same time on Friday and also on Saturday, we were also at the HTL St. Pölten with our car from the previous season, the EDGE13. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors for the interesting questions and discussions on these days.

© Philipp Lipiarski

Until then!

Your TU Wien Racing



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