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Newsflash Season Ending

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans! We are back with the recap from the competition period of the EDGE14.

Formula Student Season 2022/23 Recap

With the end of the competitions, the end of the 2022/23 season is also getting closer. This is a moment to remember once again what TU Wien Racing has accomplished in the last year. Our team, consisting of almost 100 members, managed to design and build a new race car, the EDGE14, from scratch in just one year.

© FS Austria

There are a lot of people involved in such a big project, be it in the planning, organization or in the actual production, without whom such a car would not be getting build. Just as important as our team members are all the companies and people who support the team and our project in the background: our sponsors.

Through the cooperation with all of them, a great car was created last season. But besides many sleepless and nerve-racking days and nights, it brought much more joy, success and new knowledge. Before we start into the new season with new visions, ideas and concepts for the successor EDGE15, we want to review the successes of this last season.

© FS Austria

The competition season for a Formula Student team does not start in summer, but actually much earlier, in January to be precise. In order to be allowed to participate in FS events, the teams have to qualify for the respective events already at the beginning of the year at the Rules Quizzes. Only then it will be decided if and in how many competitions a team will participate. In addition to FS Easter, which was considered a preparation event, TU Wien Racing qualified for four other events this year and participated in three of these four. In total, therefore, we were at four competitions:

  1. FS Easter: 15. 06 - 18.06.2023

  2. FS Austria: 22. 07 - 28.07.2023

  3. FS East: 01.08 - 06.08.2023

  4. FS Alpe Adria: 21.08. - 27.08.2023

We are very proud to present our successes of this season in overview once again:

In preparation for this summer full of events, we participated in FS Easter in Hungary. This was considered a preparation event and was held with only a handful of teams within the span of three days. By participating in FS Easter we got a first insight into the capability of our EDGE14 and in our team. With the feedback we gathered at this event, we were able to prepare all the better for the upcoming season and were able to secure the following placements:

  • 1st place Engineering Design

  • 1st place Business Plan

  • 1st place Cost Report

  • 1st place Acceleration

  • 3rd place Skidpad

  • 3rd place Autocross

  • 3rd place FS Easter Overall

As the first world ranking event in 2023, our team was able to show for the first time what we had been working towards for a year at the home event at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. Full of pride, we were able to celebrate these successes:

  • 2nd place Business Plan

  • 3rd place Engineering Design

  • Special Awards:

    • Hydrogen Concept Challenge Award

For the second event of the season we went to our neighbors in Hungary to FS East at the Hungaroring, where we rocked the Statics disciplines:

  • 1st place Business Plan

  • 1st place Statics Overall

  • 3rd place Engineering Design

Furthermore we were awarded with the Special Award Fairplay. This was given to us for hosting and supporting the team Ecurie Aix from Aachen.

With a little break, we set off for our last event of summer 2023 to Croatia to FS Alpe Adria on August 21. Here the team had to give everything one last time and it paid off. In Croatia, we were able to score once again with the Statics disciplines and in Endurance and secure the following podium places:

  • 1st place Business Plan

  • 2nd place Efficiency Award

  • 3rd place Statics Overall

  • Special Awards:

    • Hydrogen Concept Challenge Award

In addition to these successes, we were also honored with another award, the Best Recovery Award, which highlighted the hard work we had put in over the last two days at the event. Through the ambition and creativity of our mechanics and the help of two other teams, we were able to get the EDGE14 race-ready again within 36 hours and compete in the final Endurance discipline, then take 2nd place in Efficiency - what a comeback!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has been so energetic this season, supporting us and our team's vision. The many successes, but also challenges of this season, have fueled our ambition to improve even more. We are looking forward to next season and are ready to give our all again!

EFS Consulting

EFS Consulting is one of the largest independent management consultancies in Austria. With 300 employees, a headquarters in Vienna and an office in China, EFS Consulting carries out projects in Europe, Asia and America. Historically anchored in the automotive industry, competencies have been developed in many other industries and areas - such as digitalization and IT transformation.

EFS Consulting has been supporting us for five racing seasons. A key part of our partnership is the preparation of the static competition disciplines, gathering final feedback for our business plan pitch annually, as well as addressing presentation strategies for the Engineering Design and Cost & Manufacturing event. In addition, we are allowed to access our partner's expertise at any time during workshops of our choice.

We are very pleased to have EFS Consulting at our side again this year as a Platinum Sponsor and hope for many more years together.

Until then!

Your TU Wien Racing



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