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What does Sponsorship do?

In this article, we provide an insight into the work of the sponsorship module, which is essential for the financial and material support of TU Wien Racing.

Sponsorship is mainly responsible for partnerships and relationships with the sponsors of TU Wien Racing. Thanks to them, we are able to secure the necessary resources and financial support for the development and production of the EDGE as well as for other matters. The module works closely with organisations and companies that provide us with these resources as well as manufacturing capacity and raw materials. This resulting knowledge benefits all our members in their future careers.

The module's tasks include the acquisition of new sponsors as well as maintaining existing relationships. Sponsorship events and activities are also organised. The work of the module thus bridges the gap between industry and Formula Student. Without the work of Sponsorship, we would not have access to the funds we need to develop innovative technologies, acquire materials and participate in events. This allows the rest of the team to concentrate on the development of the EDGE.

Another important part of sponsorship is event management, which involves the planning and organisation of events. It is responsible for the organisation of events in order to achieve different purposes - be it entertainment, information or business matters such as the recruiting phase or contact with potential sponsors. Event management also includes finding suitable locations, coordinating team colleagues and looking after guests. As the external representation of the team, the focus is on ensuring a smooth and successful event.



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