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Newsflash February

Updated: Mar 29

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans!

We are back with a new update from the development period of EDGE15.

TU Wien Racing at the TU ball

An annual highlight for our team members is the TU Ball, which is held every January in the Hofburg. As in previous years, we were able to present our EDGE to the ball guests in the midst of the festivities. Only a few wanted to miss out on the chance to be at a ball, so 40 of our members presented and danced their way through the night.

Rules Quizzes 2024

January is over and so we have completed one of the first major milestones of our season - the Rules Quizzes. Spread over two days, our team did its best so that we can take part in the competitions with our EDGE15 in the summer. On the one hand, these quizzes consist of various questions and tasks based on mechanical, electrical and organizational topics. On the other hand, the rules from the official rulebook and the event-specific handbooks are tested with single or multiple choice questions. Once again this year, we were provided with a seminar room at TU Wien in order to coordinate and help each other in the best possible way. Together, we managed to qualify for the following events in the 2024 season:

1. FS Austria: 20.07. - 26.07.2024

2. FS East: 29.07 - 04.08.2024

3. FS Alpe Adria: 20.08. - 25.08.2024

Due to the high level of competition, we are still on the waiting list for FS Germany at this time. However, our team remains optimistic and is nevertheless preparing to take part.

Our annual ESO training

In preparation for the production and event phase, it was once again time to train new members as Electrical System Officers 2 & 3 (ESO). This training enables the ESO to switch off the high-voltage system, make the vehicle electrically safe after an accident and declare it as such. At the end of January, the Association of Electrical Engineering (VDE) held the training in our workshop in Vienna, with members of TU Graz Racing and Joanneum Racing Graz as well as BME Formula Racing Team from Budapest joining us. The general aim of this training course is to teach participants about safety and working with high voltage. The training is divided into a practical and a theoretical part. The practical part includes the safety rules for the car and the HV battery, while the theoretical part also focuses on these areas, with an additional focus on the risk of arcing.

Until then!

Your TU Wien Racing 



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