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Newsflash May

Updated: May 25

Dear friends, dear supporters and dear fans!

We are back with a new update from the production period of EDGE15.

Mono Homecoming 2024

The time had finally come, our monocoque arrived home ready to go. This was a major milestone.

For weeks, our members had been working day and night to produce our new monocoque, the largest component of our car. This process took several months, as the mold of the monocoque has to go through three cycles. One skin was laminated per cycle, which was then cured in an autoclave to provide us with a stable monocoque. Our chassis and composites modules were particularly happy and relieved when we were all able to celebrate the big homecoming of our monocoque together a few weeks ago. 

The Mono Homecoming also marks the point in time from which the future racing car will look a little more like one every day. The monocoque forms the cornerstone to which all other modules can add or install their components from then on, in order to end up with our finished EDGE15.

Rolling Chassis

In the production phase, we have now reached the rolling chassis stage. This is the moment when the chassis of the vehicle can be placed on the ground for the first time with all the chassis and wheel carrier parts and can be rolled, i.e. it can stand on its own tires for the first time. This is another important step towards completing the car. In addition, the specially developed brake calipers have now been assembled and bolted to the car. These will be driven for the first time this season.

The wishbones of our EDGE play a central role. Based on the kinematics of the vehicle, the carbon wishbones were designed and later manufactured using simulations of the forces that occur. We are pleased that we can manufacture these completely in-house.

Upcoming: Rollout

The next logical step after a finished monocoque, a rolling chassis and of course many hours of work on the car is the presentation of our new racing car. In order to present the EDGE15 in the best possible way, we invite members, sponsors, families and fans to our annual rollout to show them our brand new racing car. Preparations for this are in full swing, not only on the mechanical and electrical side, but also on the organizational side. 

Exhibiting Exhibiting Exhibiting

Not forgetting, of course, the exhibiting and the great opportunities that such events bring with them. This spring, we were able to attend the International Vienna Motor Symposium, Intertool and ElMotion 2024 to represent our team and our project. All three events gave us exciting insights into the world of technology and we are delighted that we were able to be there.

TU Wien Racing powered by BMW Group Werk Steyr - We have a new title sponsor

The BMW Group Werk Steyr is the largest engine plant of the world-famous car manufacturer BMW. More than 1 million diesel and gasoline engines are produced here every year and more than half of all BMW and MINI vehicles are equipped with a "heart" from Steyr. In addition, the plant's modern development center is working intensively on the research and development of new e-drives.

It has been supporting us in all areas of the team since 2023 and combines production, know-how, important financial support and community in one cooperation. Among other things, the engine plant produced the wheel carriers for the EDGE15 and some other parts were manufactured in the plant's modern apprentice workshop.

With the title sponsorship, we became the fourth team to be included in the BMW Group's Formula Student program. The large network of mentors gives us an insight into BMW's extensive expertise in all areas of vehicle development. In addition, we are already experiencing a close relationship with the other sponsored teams through various events organized by BMW.

We are proud of our partnership with them and thank them for their valuable support! 

Until then!

Your TU Wien Racing 



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